Madre Drone
Madre Drone
2022 • • 21min • FantasyDramaDocumentaryScience FictionHistory
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Madre Drone was made at a period of crisis, that encompassed decades of political, economic, and environmental catastrophes in South America, including: the burning of Bolivia's Chiquitania dry forests and Amazon rainforests; mass uprisings in Santiago, Chile over low wages and the high cost of living; and eruptions of police brutality. Created while Domínguez was volunteering at an improvised animal shelter that cared for wildlife burned or maimed in the forest fires, the dreamlike video Madre Drone draws a line between environmental disaster and human political crisis. In it, imagery of a toucan blinded by flames merges with laser-clad robots, cosmic serpents, spy drones, and footage of protests in Santiago, during which hundreds suffered eye trauma from hardened rubber bullets and tear gas fired by Chilean security forces. [Overview courtesy of New Museum]

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